Body Back Results

I’m sitting down this afternoon to put together the results sheets for our most recent session of Body Back, and I’m FLOORED by our mamas’ results! In a world of wraps, shakes, supplements and all kinds of quick fixes, it is so encouraging to be a part of a program that is nothing more than healthy eating, hard work and support. These ladies helped each other for 8 weeks, holding each other accountable for healthy nutrition and getting in their workouts. They helped each other drink more water, realize their self worth and make small changes in their daily habits. The community within a Body Back session is a huge part of why it is so successful! Laura and I love coaching mamas to be the best version of themselves, and we can’t wait for the next session to begin.

And y’all…these results speak volumes! I'm just uploading mama Kalie's now...stay tuned for more!