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The Myths and Facts of Prenatal Fitness »

The Myths and Facts of Prenatal Fitness

  • MYTH: You shouldn't workout during pregnancy if you were not previously engaged in an exercise program prior to becoming pregnant

FACT: ACSM states a healthy woman may continue with her regular exercise regimen or begin a new program during pregnancy. If you have not exercised prior, start slow and build up gradually. Consistency is most important. Exercise may also prevent gestational diabetes. Exercise has an insulin like effect on the muscles causing blood sugar levels to drop. 3-5% of pregnant women will get Gestational Diabetes. REGULAR exercise is one of the most important factors in prevention!

  • MYTH: You should cut back exercise in the last trimester

FACT: You might cut down the intensity, but you should remain consistent. It's important to continue at a similar RPE throughout the pregnancy.

  • MYTH: Pregnant women should not exercise more than three times per week

FACT: ACOG recommends 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise daily, 5 or more days per...