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Co-Owner of FIT4MOM NoCo
Instructor: Greeley

I'm Laura! I started with FIT4MOM 2 years ago as an instructor in Greeley, CO. I started a brand new program here in Greeley and have watched it grow into an amazing community of moms! We went from offering three Stroller Strides classes a week, to offering 5 Stroller Strides classes weekly, several moms transformed with Body Back and an awesome running program. I love the community that FIT4MOM offers.

I am mother to three beautiful children, Zachary, Alice, and Charlotte. In addition to being the co-owner of FIT4MOM NoCo and a full-time instructor, I am also a full-time mom and a freelance musician on the side (my degree is in vocal performance). In my free time I enjoy cooking, working in the garden, reading and exercising! I am so excited to be the new owner of this amazing community and can't wait to reach even more moms and welcome them into our Tribe!

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I'm Melissa, and I'm a co-owner and instructor in Greeley and Windsor. My FIT4MOM journey began when I was pregnant with my third baby and too tired to make it to my 5:00 am boot camp classes. I found Laura and the Greeley Stroller Strides moms at the mall, and I was so excited to have a reason to get out of the house every day with my twin daughters and to learn about pregnancy and exercise. When I heard about a job opening as a substitute instructor in Greeley and a running coach, I couldn't apply fast enough. I drew from my college fitness instructing experience, my past marathon and half marathon training experience and my 6 years as an elementary teacher to start a new career with FIT4MOM.
I have three beautiful daughters: Harper, Julia and Kate, and I love having them with me when I'm teaching Stroller Strides. I coach our half marathon training program and the Windsor Body Back program, and helping moms feel strong, empowered, confident, supported and encouraged is something I do passionately. I have run three full marathons, several half marathons and more 5Ks than I can count. (Those free t-shirts get me every time!). My husband Dustin and I have been living in Greeley for 9 years after moving from our home state of Texas. When I'm not leading a run training or teaching a class, I enjoy reading, running on my own, and spending time outside with my family. I am so thankful for the village I have found through FIT4MOM, and I want to share it with as many moms as possible!


Hi y'all!! I joined stroller strides in 2014 when we moved to Fort Collins from Dallas Texas as a way to meet other mamas. I have two wonderful energetic sons Jackson (3.5) and Charlie (9 months) who keep me laughing and doing laundry. My husband Zach and I met in elementary school. We are born raised Texan, but are loving this new adventure of life in Colorado! I love dance and any exercising that incorporates music. I was the captain of my drill team and a TCU Showgirl for 4 years. Before staying home with my boys, I taught PPCD for children with special needs and I hope to return to the classroom one day. For now I am soaking up these sweet years of staying home, park playing, and stroller striding with my boys!


I would be lost without my F4M Village! I started Stroller Strides in 2012 when my youngest daughter was 2 months old. When we decided to move to Colorado in 2015 I immediately looked to see if FoCo offered Stroller Strides. Having lived here less than I week I went to my first class and was happy to find a new village of mothers and kiddos. In the Fall of 2015 I decided to become a F4M instructor and started teaching class in November 2015. In 2016 I got my Body Back certification. I feel so very lucky to help women as they navigate their fitness pre & post pregnancy. Being active and setting a healthy example for my children is something I strive to do daily. I love being able to help others meet their fitness goals.


I tracked down a Stroller Strides group after the birth of my fourth child. All of my other kids were in school already and I was desperate to be able to exercise, but I wasn't willing to put my little in gym childcare. I found a group in Windsor and joined. I realized that Stroller Strides was what I was looking forward to and was the reason I was willing to get dressed and get out of the house in the morning. After I had been in Stroller Strides classes for awhile, I joined the 10k run training group. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run 6.2 miles (especially while nursing an infant!), but I did it!! I did it because of the support and encouragement I found in our Fit4Mom village. When an opportunity came up for me to become an instructor, I jumped at it! I've been teaching Stroller Strides now since September 2016 and I am loving it! I feel so grateful to be able to spend my mornings with a group of Mommas that care about fitness and building each other up. I am blessed beyond belief that my little girl can come with me to "work" and she and I are both building friendships that enrich our lives daily.


Hi! My family, husband and two boys ages 8 and 6, moved to Greeley in 2013 from Austin, Texas. I discovered Fit4Mom in 2016 while looking for ways to be active and meet people since my boys were in school full time. I had know idea what Fit4Mom was all about and was sad I had not discovered it earlier. I have always been an active person and involved in sports my whole life, even more so now with 2 boys. I enjoy sharing my love for exercise and healthy living with others. So I was pumped to hear that Fit4Mom needed instructors. I started to attend classes and immediately made connections I had been looking for since moving here while getting a great workout. I love teaching Stroller Strides classes in Greeley and seeing the kiddos smiles and the support and encouragement the Moms offer to each other. The best part is all the Moms are setting such good examples for their kiddos and showing them that exercise is fun which will encourage them to be active as they grow up. I am so honored and blessed to be a part of this amazing Village.more

I don't know what I would do without my Fit4Mom village! I found myself locked in my house for a year with my 3 year old daughter, Lana, and 1 year old twin boys, Grady and Berg. I needed out, grown up conversation, fresh air, and I knew my kids needed it too. I jumped into my fitness journey with a Half Marathon training, the farthest distance I ran prior to this training was a 5k. I loved having a new group of ladies in my life that had similar lifestyles and the long group runs became my favorite part of my week. I live in Windsor so the Greeley and Fort Collins Stoller Stride classes were difficult for me to go to. So when the Windsor Stroller Strides started, I was so excited. And then one round of Body Back changed my life for good, I was hooked. I was eating healthier and finally able to fit into pre-twin pregnancy clothes and even jeans I wore in college. Fast forward 1 year, countless play dates, Mom's Night Outs, friendships and lots of time at Boardwalk Park, F4M was looking for new instructors. I never thought this was the path I would be taking in my life, but I jumped on the opportunity and haven't looked back once. Before I became a stay at home mom, I taught kindergarten for 7 years. I love teaching, my students are just now my peers while I entertain their precious children. F4M has so much to offer, it's not just a gym membership. Join us for a free class and discover what our village can do for you!