Ally Corrigan

I tracked down a Stroller Strides group after the birth of my fourth child. All of my other kids were in school already and I was desperate to be able to exercise, but I wasn't willing to put my little in gym childcare. I found a group in Windsor and joined. I realized that Stroller Strides was what I was looking forward to and was the reason I was willing to get dressed and get out of the house in the morning. After I had been in Stroller Strides classes for awhile, I joined the 10k run training group. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could run 6.2 miles (especially while nursing an infant!), but I did it!! I did it because of the support and encouragement I found in our Fit4Mom village. When an opportunity came up for me to become an instructor, I jumped at it! I've been teaching Stroller Strides now since September 2016 and I am loving it! I feel so grateful to be able to spend my mornings with a group of Mommas that care about fitness and building each other up. I am blessed beyond belief that my little girl can come with me to "work" and she and I are both building friendships that enrich our lives daily.

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