Elena Dauenhauer

Hi! My family, husband and two boys ages 8 and 6, moved to Greeley in 2013 from Austin, Texas. I discovered Fit4Mom in 2016 while looking for ways to be active and meet people since my boys were in school full time. I had know idea what Fit4Mom was all about and was sad I had not discovered it earlier. I have always been an active person and involved in sports my whole life, even more so now with 2 boys. I enjoy sharing my love for exercise and healthy living with others. So I was pumped to hear that Fit4Mom needed instructors. I started to attend classes and immediately made connections I had been looking for since moving here while getting a great workout. I love teaching Stroller Strides classes in Greeley and seeing the kiddos smiles and the support and encouragement the Moms offer to each other. The best part is all the Moms are setting such good examples for their kiddos and showing them that exercise is fun which will encourage them to be active as they grow up. I am so honored and blessed to be a part of this amazing Village.

Tuesday – September 26, 2017