Melissa McMahan

I don't know what I would do without my Fit4Mom village! I found myself locked in my house for a year with my 3 year old daughter, Lana, and 1 year old twin boys, Grady and Berg. I needed out, grown up conversation, fresh air, and I knew my kids needed it too. I jumped into my fitness journey with a Half Marathon training, the farthest distance I ran prior to this training was a 5k. I loved having a new group of ladies in my life that had similar lifestyles and the long group runs became my favorite part of my week. I live in Windsor so the Greeley and Fort Collins Stoller Stride classes were difficult for me to go to. So when the Windsor Stroller Strides started, I was so excited. And then one round of Body Back changed my life for good, I was hooked. I was eating healthier and finally able to fit into pre-twin pregnancy clothes and even jeans I wore in college. Fast forward 1 year, countless play dates, Mom's Night Outs, friendships and lots of time at Boardwalk Park, F4M was looking for new instructors. I never thought this was the path I would be taking in my life, but I jumped on the opportunity and haven't looked back once. Before I became a stay at home mom, I taught kindergarten for 7 years. I love teaching, my students are just now my peers while I entertain their precious children. F4M has so much to offer, it's not just a gym membership. Join us for a free class and discover what our village can do for you!

Wednesday – September 27, 2017


Friday – September 29, 2017