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Join us starting March 19th for our 5k training! This 8 week training will take you from couch to 5k and is the perfect fit for runners of all ability levels! Whether you've never run the full 3.1 miles or are a seasoned runner looking to set a new PR, you can benefit from this group training. We'll...

Our first 5K training email goes out this weekend! Are you on the list? Go to to sign up for this 8-week training. You do NOT want to miss this amazing opportunity!

Body Back Live Class and Q&A

Body Back Live Class and Q&A

Join LIVE here on FB for a look into what a Body Back class looks like! We'll be taking your questions throughout the hour AND raffeling off 2 $25 gift certificate for a Body Back enrollment!

Join LIVE here on FB for a look into what a Body Back class looks like! We'll be taking your questions throughout the hour AND raffeling off 2 $25 gift certificate for a Body Back enrollment!

#Repost @fit_4_mom with @repostapp ・・・ "I felt you. You were a pea. Then a lemon. Then an eggplant. I followed advice . I read twelve books. I quit coffee. Could you tell I was scared? I talked to you, sang to you..I wasn’t ready…but then you were here….ten toes, six pounds… LOVE…big fat love! I held you, I fed you, I realized that I would spend my life doing things to make you happy – and that would make me happy. And then there are the times I want to give up. You’ve made me rethink my sanity. You’ve made me want to fall on my mother’s feet and tell her that I get it. But then you smile and you say my name and you grab my hand with those little fingers. We’re growing together. We're seeing the world like it is new. I will open my heart and love will rain down all over you. You will giggle, and I will do it all over again and we will walk hand in hand until you let go....I made you, but you made me a mother.” – u n k n o w n . . . 📷 @sundaycomfy + Repost @balancingchaos

Guess what?? Stroller Barre is coming! We had three instructors at Stroller Barre training today and we are so ready to bring it to our mamas! #fit4momnoco #strollerbarre #marinateinthecontraction #instructortraining

Jaymi Anderson, Life Coach - FIT4MOM Northern Colorado

Do you ever get that feeling that your life is getting out of hand? As moms, we are often pulled in a thousand different directions. We are like plate spinners - desperately trying to keep all the plates spinning and not letting any fall. By the end of the day we are left exhausted and usually one o...

Our Vendor of the Month is Jaymi Anderson, Life Coach. I this week's blog post, I talk about my meeting with Jaymi and how she helped me find my stride in motherhood! | Life Coach for Moms

Purpose happens when your gifts and talents overlap with your passion. Let me help you uncover that and put meaning in your days.

We are so excited about March's Vendor of the Month, Jaymi Anderson, Life Coach! Jaymi specializes in life coaching for moms. She can help you fine your purpose - that sweet spot where your passion and your talent overlap. Be sure to check her out of FaceBook and at


Blush is new shopping experience in Greeley, Colorado. We are a highly curated shop with affordable pieces of clothing, beautiful jewelry, and unique home goods.

A BIG thanks to our February Vendor of the Month Blush Boutique Co! Blush gave our mamas a 10% discount this month and hosted a fantastic Mom's Night Out for our members. And congratulations to the winners of our February contest Katie Kaplan, Jennifer Smerud, Judy Allen Hauff, and Alicia Atchison! These fabulous women will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to Blush! Be sure to check Blush out for some of the cutest clothing in Northern Colorado!

Beautiful, strong backs at #strollerstrides this morning. . . . . #fit4mom #fit4momnoco #strollerstridesgreeley #strongmamas #mallworkout #momstrong #strengthinmotherhood #greeley #greeleyco #greeleycolorado #greeleymall

Amazing crew of mamas celebrating after finishing their Mardi Gras #StrollerStrides class! Look at those smiles! . . . #fit4mom #fit4momnoco #strollerstridesfoco #mardigras #mardigras2017 #fattuesday #beads #masks #smiles #mallworkout #instructorally #findyourstride #findyourvillage #fortcollins #foothillsmall #foco

We ❤️ our instructors!!! #Repost @fit4momfoco with @repostapp ・・・ Instructor Ally can basically do it all 💖🙌 #StrollerStrides #StoryTime #MamasDoingStarJacksAndSquats #FortCollins #Motherhood #TheMotherhoodIsReal

Such a great MNO last night! Shopping, champagne, and calzones...what more could a mama ask for?? BIG thanks to Blush Boutique Co for hosting us and showing off your amazing clothes and jewelry. I think it's safe to say we will ALL be back soon! #fit4momnoco #mno #momsnightout #boutique #shopping #boutiqueshopping #pinkchampagne #friendshipinmotherhood #findyourvillage

Can you take this kind of break at your gym? Stroller Strides is a completely different workout experience. Come and try this judgment-free zone with your first free class! Link in bio. . . . . #fit4mom #fit4momnoco #strollerstrides #notyourtypicalgym #judgefreezone #comeasyouare #wegetyou #findyourvillage #themotherhoodisreal

#Repost @fit_4_mom with @repostapp ・・・ As mamas, we may have a to-do list that's a mile long.......but sneaking away to a #FIT4MOM class or #OurVillage playgroup solves A L L of them for about an hour 👌🏼💗 . . #FIT4MOM #themotherhoodisreal

Postpartum Progress

"I wish people knew that postpartum depression ____________." We asked readers to fill in the blank. Here are their powerful responses. We're here to help: #warriormom #knowppd

Postpartum depression doesn't get talked about enough. It's real and it's more common than you may think. Know that there are people out there who will love you, support you, and hold your hand through this difficult time. ❤ #fit4momnoco #strollerstrides #findyourvillage #weareheretohelp


Join us tonight on Facebook Live for a look at what Body Back is all about! We'll show you a live class, answer questions, and raffle off 2 $25 gift certificates for our next session. Head over to our FB page for the live event!

T R U T H / / #Repost @fit4mom_sfvalley with @repostapp ・・・ 😫😫😫 #themotherhoodisreal #fit4mom #momlife #toddlerlife #lamom #lakids #lakid

Fit4Baby mamas taking care of themselves AND their baby! Look at this beautiful chair pose! #fit4momnoco #fit4baby #prenatal #prenatalfitness #pregnant #prenatalexercise #prenatalworkout #chairpose #ncmc #doitforyou #doitforthem #healthypregnancy

Fit4Baby meets tonight at 7pm at NCMC in Greeley! Want to join us? Comment below for more info! #fit4momnoco #fit4baby #prenatal #prenatalexercise #prenatalfitness #doitforyou #doitforthem

So many cuties in class today celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday! . . . #fit4mom #fit4momnoco #strollerstrides #strollerstridesgreeley #playdate #drseuss #drseussparty #catinthehat #bigsmiles

Healthy mamas, happy babies! Such a great morning in Stroller Strides! . . . . #fit4mom #fit4momnoco #strollerstrides #strollerstridesgreeley #mallworkout #monkeyabs #5littlemonkiesjumpingonthebed #strongmoms #momsworkouthour

#Repost @noco.fit4mom with @repostapp ・・・ MNO tonight at @blushboutiqueco! Can't wait to spend some time shopping and sipping with everyone. See you at 6pm!

Awesome Stroller Strides crew this morning! These mamas powered through their #weightswednesday class. #fit4mom #fit4momnoco #strollerstrides #strollerstridesgreeley #thisvillagethough #allthemoms #strongmoms #mallworkout

#Repost @fit_4_mom with @repostapp ・・・ If you're part of our #BodyBack 8-week program, you know how important nutrition plays a role in your health journey and transformation, I N S I D E and O U T. #zoodles, aka noodles, made out of zucchini using a spiralizer, are an amazing substitute to traditional pasta. Zucchini contains vitamin A, magnesium, folate, potassium, and phosphorus [Organic Facts, 2017]. It also contains zinc, vitamin B1, B6, and B12, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, niacin, protein, and calcium [Organic Facts, 2017]. Loving this visual by @biceps.after.babies of the portion comparison of zoodles vs. pasta 🍝🥒 . . #FIT4MOM #themotherhoodisreal

#Repost @lisadruxman with @repostapp ・・・ One of the best ways to increase your happiness is to wish others happiness. Chade-Meng Tan has a happiness practice where you wish people happiness throughout the day. The people who do this have claimed to feel happier than any time in their life. I wish you happiness! 💗

Happy Valentine's Day from our village to you! #fit4momnoco #strollerstridesgreeley #playdate #valentineexchange #somanysmiles #somuchcandy #lovethisvillage

Our prenatal fitness class, Fit4Baby is an amazing way to get and stay fit during your pregnancy all while connecting with other moms-to-be. Join us Monday in Greeley at 7pm and Wednesday in Fort Collins at 6pm. Go to for more info! #fit4momnoco #fit4baby #prenatalfitness

First WEEK free! In honor of Valentine's Day we are sharing the love with a free week of Stroller Strides. Classes meet Monday-Friday at the Greeley Mall. #findyourvillage #strengthinmotherhood #themotherhoodisreal #fit4momnoco #strollerstridesgreeley #firstweekfree

#Repost @fit_4_mom with @repostapp ・・・ Every 18 months, the #FIT4MOM community of #bossmoms come together for an extended weekend to celebrate one another at the FIT4MOM yearly conference. We spend our days together as a village embracing our FIT4MOM sisterhood and family, supporting and motivating each other. . . Every year we look forward to taking some time to recognize a few extraordinary mamas within our FIT4MOM village, honoring three boss moms with the following awards: . . ▸ Franchisee of the Year ▸ Instructor of the Year ▸ Our Village Community of the Year . . Franchisees and instructors are nominated from all over the country by members, fellow franchise owners and fellow instructors. The nominees then submit an application and video overviewing why they should be honored. From there, our award team, which includes past FIT4MOM award winners + our leadership + our senior team, go through all submissions and choose the top 3 finalists for each category. . . The FIT4MOM Passion & Purpose National Conference takes place in San Diego, Thursday, April 6th - Sunday, April 9th. Our winners will be announced at our ultimate mom's night out event on Friday, April 7. . . If you know a FIT4MOM franchise owner or instructor who has made a difference in you or someone you know's life, now is the time to show them how much you appreciate them by submitting your VOTE. We are accepting all nominations now through Friday, February 6, 2017. Link to vote in our profile, . .

Soooo...I'm not the only one who works out with Creative Galaxy on in the background, right? #fit4momnoco #themotherhoodisreal #somuchsweat #athomeworkout #fitmom #tvbabysitter #keepingitreal

#Repost @fit_4_mom with @repostapp ・・・ #FIT4MOM's B O D Y . B A C K . P R O G R A M NAMED ONE OF THE HOT NEW WORKOUTS TO TRY IN 2017! . . We're gushing over the honor; thank you @lifescripthealthgram [Lifescript Women’s Health] for the feature! We totally agree, and are so thrilled for everything #BodyBack embodies --- fitness, nutrition, sisterhood. 💪🏼💗 . . #themotherhoodisreal but you never have to face it alone. Join the FIT4MOM community and gain so much more than just a good workout. . . Read our feature below [direct link in profile] . . Visit to find the best fit for you; we offer programs for every kind of prenatal and postpartum mama. . . Gain a village. Gain your best self. Gain confidence. Gain the strength in motherhood.

2016 was a great year for @noco.fit4mom! Thanks to our amazing village of moms for being with us throughout the year and making it so special. Here's to a great 2017!

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Join us on May 13th for the first annual Mother's Day 5K! Click HERE for more info!


Join us for Fit4Baby, one of the only prenatal fitness offerings in Northern Colorado! Classes meet in Fort Collins and Greeley.